Site: 14°06'24.2"N 59°13'23.4"W
Title: The silt has risen from the ocean floor and overturned everything
Artist: Clémence Lollia Hilaire
Call: +31 (0) 683 77 94 17
Date: 29th April to 15th May 2021
Open by appointment

Synchronic Cinema is a series of works with (dis)placed narrators, presented over the duration of 2021. The physical works are shown in Westerdok, with online stories appearing here. To hear a message from the current artist please call the number above.

When Site Lost the Plot is an artist-run project space working with site as a fiction preceded by plots going beyond it, looking at site-specificity in relation to displacement, climate, gentrification and the internet. We host an exhibition space, a kitchen, a screening window, a public phone number, and an archive of stories across formats.

Westerdok 782, 1013BV, Amsterdam
Background: by Luca Napoli
WSLTP is Aram Lee and Quenton Miller

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